My daughter Mia was raised on supplements. Sports weren’t her thing, but there was one talent she could perform better than any of her friends: She could swallow 8 supplements in one swoop. It was her favorite party trick.

Taking supplements was never a choice in our home. No negotiating. The kids knew I meant business. Each morning, every night, and even vacations I was equip with little baggies labeled AM or PM.

When Mia went to college I continued to send her vitamins that she randomly took, but mostly tossed. My control was over.

After she moved into an apartment I felt she would develop a routine, but it didn’t happen. She would constantly call with an ailment complaint and I would say, “Are you taking your supplements?” To which she would reply, “No, Mom, it’s hard.”

“You want to know what HARD is? Chronic illness….that’s hard!” (and I may have thrown in a swear word). I said I was done coddling and begging her to take her supplements. I vowed to let go complete. HOWEVER in exchange, she couldn’t complain. She couldn’t say she was tired all the time, or had a rash, or her stomach hurt. 

Supplements are not like medications. They don’t all have strict rules and they should not remain unchanged for years. Your body’s needs will adjust and fluctuate so getting regular checkups with a professional who fully understands supplements can be very beneficial.

You remember to watch your favorite TV shows. You remember to brush your teeth. You can remember to take your supplements. Make it a priority. I put all of mine in tackle box containers I picked up at a hardware store for less than $5 and keep it in my fridge.

Aches, pains, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, fatigue….that’s hard. Swallowing a handful of supplements is not.


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