by Betsy Hicks

Kale chips have been enjoyed in my home since before kale chips were cool. I like to think I was a kale chip trend setter.

I have changed my recipe over the years from just olive oil and salt, to a tahini mixture.

More or less, this is my favorite recipe for kale chips or simply a kale salad when left uncooked:

• 1 bunch of kale (I like all types and buy what’s fresh)

• 1 tablespoon tahini paste

• 1 tablespoon lemon juice

• 1 tsp hot sauce

• 2 cloves of garlic minced

• 1/4 cup olive oil

• salt

Mix tahini, lemon juice, hot sauce, and garlic in a large bowl. Add olive oil slowly and mix with a whisk or fork. Add kale in bite size pieces to dressing and toss well. Make sure to remove any large stems, as they will not crisp well.

At this point, I usually eat 1/3 of it before it enters the oven.

To make a kale chip, you will need to position the kale on a baking sheet allowing the chips enough room to crisp and never stacking them.

Make sure each leaf is well coated. A leaf without oil on it will cook unevenly.

The lower the temp of the oven, the healthier they are. Dehydrators are best. I usually make them at 350 degrees because I’m in a rush, but 300 would be better.

The time it takes for them to crisp is the tricky part, because it will vary on conditions such as the size of the chip, the position of the tray in the oven, the type of tray, and even the freshness of the kale.

Hence the reason I tend to burn them. I guess the logical thing to do would be to set the timer for 10 minutes (as small chips will be done quickly) and then recheck every 2 minutes. I always think I will remember them, I always seem to be wrong about that.

To insure your chips do not burn, remove the small ones early. Then move the large ones to one side and proceed to add more chips to the baking sheet.

Once they are done, salt and allow them to fully cool before storing them.


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