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Betsy Hicks

Betsy Hicks, the author of Picky Eating Solutions, brings humor and fun to the conflicting world of health and wellness. As a culinary teacher for over 20 years, Betsy is known for her creative ways in delivering a workshop that is beyond a few great recipes. She teaches useful techniques, meal planning, and ingredient education that will benefit your whole family.

Betsy and her late husband, John Hicks, MD created a wellness center in Wisconsin and later in California until his death in 2016. Since then, Betsy continues to assist in helping small medical offices and other businesses create a strong and solid administration with a focus on customizing a seamless flow to streamlining their patients and/or customers. 

Betsy teaches workshops worldwide and will be partnering to open a food education center in California by the end of this year. She currently lives in San Francisco and writes for her blog; Realistic Health and Wellness.

Contact Betsy at BetsyGHM@icloud.com