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I have full respect for those who find peace in their religion. During a difficult time that connection can bring essential comfort, especially when surrounded by a community of like-minded friends.

I am part of a community that shares in a higher power belief system, but I choose not to have a religion. I have not been scorned or banished. I had a lovely Catholic upbringing and highly appreciate a variety of religions for the universal message of love that they teach. My belief system is as unique to me as the way I live my life, the way I view myself, and in this case, the way I grieve. My connection with Source Energy (my God) is a customized blending of life experiences and a few universal principles.

As an advanced student of the Law of Attraction, particularly the work of Abraham-Hicks (no relation), having certain beliefs gave me the answers to many questions that one asks herself when faced with a crossroad. It calmed my anger, it gave me hope, and it protected me from an array of, “What if’s.”

I knew well-being was possible and I knew that no one had the power to make it better for me as it was fully my journey and the choices I made would deliver the consequences that would lead me to happiness.

My beliefs are simple:

    1. Life is full of contrast…on purpose.
      There will always be contrast because that is how we grow and expand. As an example, I love eating a meal more when I allow myself to get hungry. If there was no contrast and I snacked all day, the sweet joy of sitting down to a big dinner would be lost. Contrast is our teacher. Bless the shitty contrast otherwise life would be boring. Horribly simple. Grey. The mastery comes in making peace with each bump in the road and trusting that it’s there for our benefit. Basically put, things are not happening to us, but rather for us. I really like who I am today and I became this person not as much from what was handed to me, but more from what I struggled to achieve. My friends and I love to sarcastically say, “Oh boy, yet another goddamn opportunity for spiritual growth.”
    2. The purpose of life is joy and it is our natural state to be happy. It’s only when we choose to not look at the perfection of a situation that we become irritated or sad. This is why I was so miserable. I knew that joy was a natural state and I was used to hanging out there, but it wasn’t even in the vicinity. So my mantra became, “I know it’s going to get better, but right now it sucks.”
    3. Every moment provides choices.
      We truly can’t get it wrong, as mistakes only serve as detours that re-route us to the fastest path of where we want to go. When you walk away from the fear of mistakes you open yourself up to limitless opportunities. Each opportunity provides choices and sometimes the choice is simply looking at the situation differently. “How do I want to interpret this? What do I want to focus on?” I wanted to focus on the thought that felt the best and sometimes what feels the best is just jumping in and getting your hands dirty. If it felt good or inspired I moved forward, if it wasn’t serving me, then I dropped it.
    4. Everything is always working out for me!
      Eventually, it does. It sometimes takes a while to see it, but if you hold your optimism you’ll see an outcome better than you ever dreamed possible. I had been through a divorce, health issues, autism, and bankruptcy, and each experience worked its way out in beautiful ways….either by a physical and monetary improvement or simply by finding other ways to view the beauty within it.

    My belief was, without doubt, that life was going to be great again. That I would love again. Marry again. Find a job I loved. Have financial security. Go through a day without crying, but I was far from there and that pissed me off. I wanted to fast forward to when it didn’t hurt, but was trapped in a stack full of thank you cards to write, and trying to figure out where John kept the light bulbs.

    I needed a plan and mostly I needed distraction until everything felt more normal. So that is what I set out to do. Create a life of distraction. Just like the one-year-old getting his stitches out in the ER. Put on a party hat, make silly faces, and hand me a Popsicle.

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