Whole Body Scan – $200 (additional $10 to cover shipping for vibrational water specific to your scan)

This full body scans incorporate the whole body looking for:

Endocrine and organ imbalances

Vitamin and mineral imbalances

EMF, heavy metal, chemical, and other toxic stress

Microbes (virus, bacteria, parasites, mycology-candida, Lyme)

Hormones and metabolism

Biochemical pathways including liver detox pathways, mitochondrial function, and methylation


FAQ (watch video)

Q: How often should I submit a saliva or hair sample to be scanned?

Answer: Scanning can be done whenever you wish to check or recheck your supplement protocol or feel a change in your well being. It can be scheduled regularly, every two to six months to maintain vibrant health.

Q: If under the care of a medical doctor, can I still do the test?

Answer: Yes, however we recommend that you review suggested supplements with your medical doctor before making any new supplement changes.

Q: Can the scan be done on babies and young children?

Answer: Yes, only 1/2 teaspoon of saliva is needed for the scan, but easiest with a small hair sample.

Q: Are the suggested supplements safe if pregnant or nursing?

Answer: Amy will suggest supplements safe for pregnancy and nursing.

Q: I would love to start my 4-year-old on a few supplements, but he can’t swallow pills?

Answer: Please indicate that you would like chewable tablets or liquids on the questionnaire.

Cyberscan Intake Form

Consent of Care

Make an appointment – Appointments available 7 days a week. Evening times available. To schedule, text or call Betsy at 262-745-4265



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