John Hicks, MD

A couple of weeks ago I signed into a file of John’s that I wasn’t aware existed; notes of his that he jotted when I had asked him to write something for our website. It’s how he viewed his responsibility to his patients. Even without his physical presence, these words are comforting as we remember that life is simply a journey and that solutions exist when we get out of our own way.

Betsy Hicks

I believe that for every question there are answers and that for every problem there are solutions. Life is the journey between the questions and the answers and the problems and the solutions.  The question and the problem are not of the same energy and place that the answers and solutions reside.

            Life is the journey between these two points, places or circumstances. In taking this journey we can and do and learn many things. This journey is full of opportunities, challenges and rewards. In moving forward you must focus on the answers and the solutions because if you persist in focusing on the questions and problems then you are not in the place or able to receive the answer or the solution.

            It is my desire to aid you in focusing forward with the flow of your journey, releasing the hold of the questions and problems. Focusing your energy, thoughts and therefore your beliefs in the well being that you are wanting. Focusing on the wholeness of who you are. Helping you to understand that you hold the power to be empowered through your thoughts and beliefs and to choose the wellness that you are desiring.”

John Hicks, MD – 1948-2016



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